I receive e-mails each week from injured Aldara users from around the world.  They are in search of answers to questions concerning their poor health which developed during and after their Aldara treatments.  For the most part, these victims want to know, first, if anyone else has experienced a similar list of side-effects they experienced during their use of Aldara?   Secondly, when can they  expect to return to the normal, healthy lives they enjoyed before using Aldara?

The first part of their question is quite easy to answer.  Everyone damaged by Aldara report going through the same or very similar stages of injury and post treatment side-effects.  The remaining question is not so easy to answer. 

The main physical differences between individuals experiencing Aldara injuries and how serious those injuries become, seems to be determined by two things. 

(1)  Individuals with sluggish immune systems that implement  low to moderate immune responses to infections or antigens such as the flu virus, common cold virus or other similar types of infections, are typically individuals with the poorest histories of health.  Their immune systems are simply programmed that way.  However, simply put, this also means that this group of users will most likely experience low to moderate immune responses to Aldara.  A small percentage, of this group, will actually have  no response at all to the drug.

(2)  Individuals having very active and responsive immune systems have typically enjoyed quite healthy medical histories because these types of high-functioning immune systems identify infectious antigens much quicker while the initial numbers of foreign invader cells are at their least numbers.   Basically speaking, the more active and responsive ones immune system is, the healthier that individual will become.  Unfortunately though, immune systems of this type  individual will be altered most by their use of Aldara, thus, causing them the highest degree of injuries from Aldara's unsafe immune altering drug mechanism. 

So, if you are reading this and have visited this site because you want to know why you got sick while so many others did not, this seems to be the best answer to that question.  Think of it in these terms.

Two people are preparing to climb a ladder that is standing straight up in the air.  The ladder represents how responsive their respective immune systems will be to Aldara.   One has a normally very low operating immune system and is frequently sick so we place him near the bottom of the ladder on say the second run or step.  This represents this person's weak  immune response to infections.  The second person is placed two runs or steps from the top of the ladder and represents their highly reactive immune systems that is responsible for their historical good health.

As we all know, our immune systems are kept under control by a finely tuned set of natural immune related control mechanisms within our body.  Their primary job function is to prevent our immune systems from wrongly identifying good cells in our bodies as antigens and setting up an immune response for destruction of those cells.  This loss of control over our immune system is known as an "autoimmune response" to good cells of our body.  This is when our immune system attacks our own body in some fashion developing some of the most dreaded diseases and medical conditions known to mankind.

Now, imiquimod or IQ is the only active ingredient in Aldara. IQ by definition, is an "immune response modifier" meaning that when it comes in contact with certain immune related cells it causes these cells to do something they are never to do in nature.  Aldara "modifies" the typical safe jobs of these cells by causing them to secrete chemicals known as cytokines in a most dangerous and unnatural "out of step" sequence in comparison to the functions of these same cells in a normally healthy operating immune system. 

Let's get back to the ladder example as reflected in FIG. 1 below.  With the use of Aldara, the immune activity for individual #1  raises his immune response level say three more levels or runs up the ladder.   He then is simply near the middle of the ladder and actually represents where his immune system response should have been normally running all the time.  This Aldara user will experience little to no injury from his use of Aldara because regardless of what he uses Aldara for or how much and how long he uses it, his sluggish immune system will not allow for an immune response greater than a level approximately equal to the middle of the ladder.  At the very least, it can be said that #1 will stay on the ladder and his immune system will stay within a safe state of operating condition  while using Aldara.

    FIG.  1

As you can see in FIG. 1, the #2 individual represents those of us with normally high functioning immune systems.  This group may have indeed enjoyed historical good health but we are no match for the immune altering experiences we have while Aldara is on our skin. 

Now, #2 is normally within two runs or steps from the very top of the ladder and represents the highest state of safe operation for this immune system.  When applied to the skin of #2,  Aldara imposes all of its immune altering influences on the #2 immune system causing it to climb up to the very top run or step on the ladder, but the level of increased activity doesn't remain on the ladder.  Aldara drives this immune system to even higher levels of activity by literally forcing our immune systems, in this group, to highly unpredictable states of hyper-activity where the immune system is then capable of detecting every cell in our body. 

Mixed in with all the illusions and fog surrounding Aldara, 3M and now Graceway Pharmaceutical proudly state that this is the exact drug action they want for Aldara and here is there reasoning.  Take cancer cells since that is our main interest.  Cancer cells normally hide their identity from the activity of a normally functioning immune system.  A normal immune system cannot see or identify these rogue cells, so, therefore a normal immune system has no way to detect and destroy cancer cells and we all know that is why our own body's cannot typically eradicate cancer on its own.  Well, 3M decided back in the early 1980's or so to use imiquimod in formulation now known as Aldara to force our normal immune systems into operating over and above the highest normal levels of activity so that our then "altered" immune system could begin to see these hidden rogue cells, identify them and tag them for destruction and they, 3M, would become the hero's of the century with a "cure for cancer" and all the things that have historically hidden from the normal immune system.    Sounds just great, right?

But not so fast!  Shortly after 3M acquired the chemical imiquimod from another company, their research began  to reveal that the drug action for imiquimod and Aldara was not specifically targeting any single cell but instead presented all cells of the body as primary targets for destruction.  Realizing the drug mechanism for imiquimod / Aldara was uncontrollable and potentially very dangerous, 3M decided to control the drug not by typical pharmacological design methods, but rather by a strict regimen during applications that would limit or reduce its ability to cause significant injury if allowed to enter blood circulation.   What 3M did not plan on is that virtually no doctors I have heard from through the thousands of  e-mails I have received from injured victims, indicate that the medical community even remotely adheres to the suggested regimens for Aldara use.   In fact, from my personally seeing all the international devastation that has already occurred and continues unabated, I would go so far as to say that those physicians strongly abiding by 3M's suggested regimen for controlling Aldara in today's environment is in the single digit percentages.   And now you know why you are getting sick from Aldara but you also know who is responsible.  You see, 3M, Graceway and all the rest are certainly in the mix of responsibility but if your own treating physician had taken the time to properly understand the drug he or she was prescribing for your use, then under no circumstances would you have had the opportunity to use Aldara in the first place thus you would have no reason to be visiting this site.

3M is the manufacturer, Graceway is the drug pusher, so, your physician is your only salvation and defense standing between you and permanent, devastating life long injuries and they are failing us all at astronomical rates every day of the year all around this globe.  3M is interested in one thing, promoting more sales and market share thus more injuries.  Graceway is trying to stay alive as their own corporation remains in questionable financial and operating problems. 

Bottom line, I think you will continue to see all of these entities modify the technical parameters of their products containing imiquimod just enough to create another new product and receive additional long term patent protection for their respective markets. 



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