First of all, Aldara is very serious multi-cytokine "chemotherapy" unlike anything the medical community has ever seen or studied. 

Secondly, the medical community prescribes it as a patient self-applied chemotherapy without having even a basic knowledge of the drugs action nor the fact that it has the ability of being more dangerous than the conventional chemotherapy they use in typical cancer therapies. 

Thirdly, the FDA can only analyzing the data that 3M gave them during the NDA approval process and 3M not only failed to give them substantial information they had learned during trials but some of what they did give them was incorrect and nothing less than misrepresentations. The FDA cannot be held accountable for information it has no idea exists.

Aldara is the brand name for imiquimod which is an immune response modifier. Each gram of the 5% cream contains 50 mg of imiquimod in an off-white oil-in-water vanishing cream base consisting of isostearic acid, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, white petrolatum, polysorbate 60, sorbitan monostearate, glycerin, xanthan gum, purified water, benzyl alcohol, methylparaben, and propylparaben.

Chemically, imiquimod is 1-(2-methylpropyl)-1H-imidazo[4,5-c]quinolin-4-amine.    Imiquimod (IQ)

IQ is the only active agent in Aldara.

has a molecular formula of C14H16N4 and a molecular weight of 240.3

IQ (imiquimod) is an immune response modifier drug that uniquely alters the mechanics of the host users immune system through the enhanced  production of a number of cytokines and other substances within the immune system, some, of which very dangerously and un-naturally co-exists, at the same time, during an IQ altered immune response. The following is a list of those cytokines.


Reference: IMIQUIMOD

by: Gary A. Richwald

INF-a / g,  TNF-a,  IL-1,  IL-1Ra,  IL-6,  IL-8,  IL-10,  IL-12 p40,

G-CSF,  GM-CSF,  1-a(MIP-1),  MIP-1b,  and  MCP-1

These cytokines, including several subtypes of each, are all induced within PBMC of the host upon each exposure to IQ.


All this talk about cytokines and interleukins and growth factors seems to be quite difficult to understand.  Well, it is...  Not only is it one of the most complicated fields in medicine it remains one of the least understood parts of our body.  Now, we are not completely ignorant about our immune system.  Much is known thanks to many advances in the field of immunology made over the past few years.  For now, let's just keep it simple and not get off into swamps of human anatomy too far and too deep so we don't confuse ourselves with details.  However, if you must study the technical data on this subject, it will be supplied under another topic in the T.O.C. as TECHNICAL DATA.

Basically, all of the items you see listed above are proteins or just simply chemicals within our body's that can be called upon to do their highly specialized respective chore within our immune system.  You can think of them as messengers because the various immune cells that produce each of these respective materials do so, "normally", in a finely tuned environment and at a precisely desired timing and quantities when our immune system detects invaders, like a virus, bacteria, or the like.  

Cytokines are not all produced at the same time when a response to invaders is mounted by the immune system.   Rather, each are produced at just the right time, and do so in an order that must be followed or else risk of venturing off into autoimmunity can be one consequence.  Autoimmunity, is the process by which the immune system, for any number of reasons, can become so dysfunctional that it can mistake normal healthy cells of the body as invaders and mount an attack on these good cells as though they were a virus or bacteria.  This action by the immune system is referred to as "loss of tolerance".

Now that we know a bit of required knowledge about the immune system we can move on to explore Aldara and why it is so dangerous.

As a general rule,  I use the word cytokines loosely when referring to all of the Aldara induced family of chemicals listed above.

Aldara is actually a very simple drug to explain.  Really!   You see most drugs have a multitude of things the drug mechanism is doing during each dose, whereas, Aldara does one thing and one thing only and that is to stimulate our immune system to induce this entire whole family of cytokines when ever it comes in contact with whole blood or the skin.  That's it.  That's what it does.  You don't need to know why this happens nor which cells are stimulated to produce these cytokines for this discussion.

The most important thing you should gain from this page is that the medical research community has an enormous amount of data on each of these IQ induced cytokines.  For that reason, we can pick this drug to pieces, cytokine by cytokine, and learn exactly what 3M failed to warn us all about concerning the known, unsafe, actions for Aldara.   Aldara is unique just as 3M brags, however, it is only unique in that it can stimulate specific cells to induce its respective cytokine without there being any identified invader for the immune system to mount an attack on.  Because Aldara has a non-specific drug action, this altered immune system can target virtually anything and everything in its path. 

Let's see what the Director of 3M's International Pharmaceutical Division said about this situation.

So, 3M knows that Aldara is capable of attacking anything and that so long as it is on your skin, they "DON'T THINK" it will attack normal good cells too, but they clearly don't know or they do know and are hesitant to admit it.  Well, I choose the later.  I know they fully understand this drug and what it is fully capable of doing to our bodies. 

If you are a pharmaceutical company with admittedly over $500-million dollars invested in research, on Aldara, and that's before you have sold a single sachet of the drug, you would have huge incentive to formulate a company position of "not knowing much about the drug action or drug mechanism other than it is unique, it works and it is safe."  To release anything else you know about the drug would be suicidal and counterproductive for moving it through the FDA Approval process.  So, as you see from the statements of these two top officials of 3M Pharma during deposition testimony, Slade admits Aldara goes after "anything" and "everything" in your body with the hopes of also attacking cancer cells or true invaders in the process.  If there happens to be no rogue cells like virus, cancer cells, or bacterial infections while Aldara has turned on your immune system with all this increased maladjusted levels of cytokine activity then what do you think will happen?  That's right, the immune system goes after normal cells of your body.....because at this point the immune system has been "altered" unnaturally and dangerously by Aldara to such an increased level of activity that it literally is capable of identifying any cell within the body for destruction. 

Are you beginning to get the picture?