You know, this is one of those pages of information I would rather not address.  However, this segment of the site is much too important to exclude from the discussion on Aldara injuries.   To prepare you, I will tell you right up front that you should expect to see your doctors act as you have never seen them do in the past.  You will be shocked to learn that they will not be interested one bit in hearing any concerns you may have about Aldara being remotely connected to your ill health.  Also, expect your care givers to instantly go into a defensive posture with you about Aldara causing you any harm.  This will be especially true with the dermatologist that prescribed Aldara for your treatment.  Unless you are very lucky indeed, this will be the outcome of your medical evaluation phase. 

If you were like me when I first realized I was in very serious shape, you had some specific moment in time that you reflect on as being a wakeup call or as they say, when the bell went off.   I was sitting in the ER bleeding from the nose and mouth with the doctors telling me that something had eaten away the entire mucous membrane linings throughout my nasal passages.  If you think that doesn't leave a mark in your memory......... 

Well, I cover all of my diary of events on another page titled "MY STORY" but toward the end of my treatment I simply thought, as possibly you initially did, that I would simply stop using the Aldara, go see a doctor or two, let them figure out what was wrong with me and then have them get busy fixing me up.  After all, that's what doctors do best.  Right?                                                                    W R O N G !!!!

Once again, I draw from thousands of your e-mails over a 10-year period to discuss with you what is going to happen when you begin going down this lonely and depressing road of asking, or begging for help from the medical community.  But first, let me describe as briefly as possible my medical evaluation period following the extensive injuries I received from Aldara.  I want you to know and realize that when I say I understand your problems and what you are going through, I really do know, personally.

I will never forget staggering into our local ambulance station in our small town, with my wife's help of course, and then, seeing the look on the EMT's faces when they finally got the readings out from all their equipment they eventually had hooked up to me.  They simply said, you are a very sick individual.  You need to let us take you to the hospital immediately.  I didn't argue......

This is where my whole idea of what doctors represent to be in our society began changing.  Over the next 24-hours, I spent most of my awake time trying to tell doctors that I had been on Aldara for about 3-weeks and that I had been sick the entire time.  One of the doctors said, "I've never heard of the drug but it couldn't have done this to you".  Now, he just said in the same sentence that he knew nothing about the drug then said but it couldn't have done this to me.  He became the first of casualties in a long list of doctors that would openly demonstrate their ignorance while attempting to look so smart, professional and on top of things, in my presence. 

After eventually  hooking me up to every piece of equipment they seemed to have had in the ER, they found little to hang their hats on in the way of a diagnosis(es).  So, I was eventually shipped out of the ER to a hospital room where I would be simply "observed" for the next 5-days.  A real scientific evaluation, I thought, was taking place but I was soon to be disappointed when the head doctor, an oncologist, walked in the next morning and politely stated, "Mr. Beasley, you have a team of six specialists that will be evaluating you over the next few days.   We will all be conferring with each other from time to time about your status, test results, etc. .   We have no idea, at this time, what has happened to you nor what is now wrong with you, so we have no idea or concept of how to proceed with any available treatments we might have at our disposal for you.  So, we will and make you as comfortable as we can and put you on 24-hour watch by our staff.  They will watch for any medical changes that might take place, good or bad ones.  But, we will treat your pain and symptoms the best we can during this process."

 Well, you can't imagine the state of shock I was in after hearing that the entire medical community at this hospital was completely in the dark on how to even begin to evaluate me for clues to my conditions much less their inability to come up with worthwhile answers and treatments for me.  I basically had been put into this room to see if I would live or die, I later found out from a nurse on the floor.

Over the next four days, they ran so many test on me, scoped me top and bottom, X-rays, scans of all sorts, GI- testing, blood-blood and more blood work, IV's with antibiotics, and much more.  They found nothing that was considered remarkably worth mentioning or considering to be a medical problem matching the symptoms they could clearly see going on with me.  They were stumped and I was scared to death and feeling worse than ever. 

Anyway, I wanted to bring you at least to this point of my adventure with the medical community and share with you a description of my experiences during the evaluation phase.  Most of the injured victims' e-mails I receive describe very similar experiences where the doctors refuse to even remotely consider that Aldara is in anyway connected or involved with the mysterious symptoms and signs of grave medical conditions we present to them.  You should not be surprised or upset to learn that most likely you, too, will be treated much in this same way.  Doctors do not have a clue what Aldara is, pharmacologically speaking, and they consider any cream topically applied as being completely safe and without consequences regardless of what the cream is or for what purpose it is to be used.   3M uses this pitch extensively in their marketing and sales schemes to instill in doctors how Aldara is simply another benign topical cream that like all other creams can be safely prescribed in their practices with complete confidence that patients can get no more than simple side-effects that go away after use of the drug is completed.  Your doctor along with most others have bought into this illusionary mindset 100% and this fundamentally explains to you the attitude your doctor will take with you when trying to inject Aldara into the conversation as being the cause of your illness and symptoms responsible for your injuries.

You may ask yourself why I didn't seek medical assistance from 3M, the manufacture of Aldara.  I did, and that will be covered under the topic "NO HELP FROM 3M" in the Table of Contents page.